Black Butler

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two people in suits and top hats, one holding a cane while the other is kneeling down
two anime characters sitting on a chair with wine glasses in their hands and one holding a glass
two anime characters hugging each other with blood splatters on the ground behind them
Hunter Anime, Black B, Otp
an anime character with flowers on the table
two anime characters are hugging each other
Rpg, Black Butler Grell, Grim Reaper
an anime poster with two people dressed in black sitting on the ground and one person holding swords
♤ Ciel and Sebastian ♤
Ciel And Alois
two anime characters sitting next to each other with swords in their hands and clouds behind them
a drawing of a woman holding an umbrella and wearing short shorts with laces on her legs
two people dressed in black and white are facing each other
Ciel and Sebastian