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an empty glass doored cabinet in the middle of a room
Armoire relookée par l’atelier Couleur Indigo
an antique armoire painted gray with white paint
Armoire relookée par l’atelier Couleur Indigo
a wooden cabinet with glass doors on the top and bottom shelves, in front of a wallpapered background
Armoire relookée
Petite armoire ancienne relookée
a wooden shelf with glass flowers on it
Armoire ancienne relookée
a yellow and blue wall with a clock on it
there is a yellow and blue towel hanging on the wall in this room with bunk beds
a blue door with a gold handle on it
an open blue cabinet with yellow paint on the door and shelves in front of it
a blue armoire sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
Armoire Vaudoise relookée
Armoire relookée par atelier Couleur Indigo, bleu de France patiné bleu nuit et saphir, intérieur tapissé
four different types of suitcases are shown in this collage with the words made with picconinter
a table that has some white paper on top of it with scissors next to it
Meuble en cours de rénovation par Couleur Indigo
a statue of a woman in a pink dress and hat stands on a wooden table
Colon africain relooké par Couleur Indigo
blue and white wallpapers with different designs on the sides, from left to right
Tiroirs réalisés par Couleur Indigo
an old china cabinet is painted white and has ornate carvings on the top, along with glass shelves