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some cards and envelopes with the words, really cool ways to address an envelope
Mail Art: 16 Really Cool Ways to Address an Envelope - The Realistic Mama
How fun are these? 16 cool ways to address an envelope!
several children's books with drawings on them
How-To: Zine-Making for Kids | Make:
Kidzines 7
a green book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white sticker
My first zine- “Ingredients for the Pottage”
someone is holding up some cards with the words, 12 tutors and a million ideas to make your own zine
13 tutorials and a zillion ideas to make your own zine
a collage of photos with people walking and holding signs in their hands, on a map
POSTAGE PORTRAITS — Sian Robertson Art
an image of insect drawings with the title, 40 free vintage entomlogy prints
42 Vintage Entomology Prints: Bringing Natural History to Your Living Space
Explore the enthralling world of insects with our curated selection of vintage entomology prints. Perfect for collectors and nature enthusiasts.
a collage of photos with text that reads scotch tape newspaper transferer mixed media technique
Newspaper Print Art Journal Background
Tutorial on how to do an image transfer technique using newspaper to make a unique art journal background.
an open book with pictures and magnets on it
18 Creative Scrapbook Ideas to Preserve Your Family Memories
Anything small -- seaside flotsam, pressed leaves, or souvenirs from a museum…
an info sheet describing the different types of art and their uses in this project, including collage techniques