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a stainless steel refrigerator covered in magnets and stickers
Pinterest @momimcrying
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall
I get soooo unbelievably excited that you adore our new @lottierae_art and a massive thank you for the orders coming through!! When searching for art for our home I couldn’t look past Lottie’s ‘Smooth Operator’. Such a statement piece in our hallway and I’m so happy to say this is now available as a printed canvas on our website and in store!
a mailbox decorated with mosaic tiles and pink ribbon tied to the front, sitting in some grass
Mosaic Mailbox
a white book shelf filled with lots of gold and silver items on top of it
Master Closet Tour & Organization Tips - At Home With Nikki
Master Closet Organisation
a white desk and chair in a room with curtains on the window sill,
a room with white furniture and flowers in the center
Broken Marble
Gorgeous master closet with vanity...I <3
a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor on top of it's walls
Influencer’s ‘Sex and the City’ apartment has TikTok in a tizzy
Social-media influencer Allie Provost has racked up 3 million views for a TikTok tour of her Upper East Side apartment, set to the “Sex and the City” theme — prompting followers to…
a kitchen with black cabinets, pink chairs and a dining room table in the center
a white house with black shutters and trees
a white house surrounded by lush green trees and shrubbery in front of the driveway
a white house with black shutters and red door surrounded by greenery in the front yard