Where should I go on holiday?

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there is a lot of cars that are in the street
LAGOS - The loudest and dirtiest city on the planet
This is not just another city. Lagos is the loudest place Ive ever visited. Its so crowded. And its loud. And dirty. ...but its also interesting to see it for a few days. But is there something to see in Lagos? Yes there is.
a hand is pointing towards the water with words that read, it's 20 00 time to visit now
2020 is Angola's rise for tourism
Now is the time to visit. After 30 years of civil war the country is recovering and welcomes tourists with wide open arms. The Visa has never been easier to get. And the prices have never been lower.
an advertisement for the turkish country that says go
Should I visit TURKMENISTAN?
Still off the radar from tourism streams. Low traffic and no other tourists around. Its great to visit this country as long its empty and STRANGE.