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an advertisement for the german children's book
Adventskalender für die braven Kinder Nostalgischer Kalender Fritz Baumgarten | eBay
an old fashioned christmas card with people and animals in the snow
Fritz Baumgarten / Weihnachtsfest im Wichtelland / Bild 08 - a photo on Flickriver
winnie the pooh and friends are having fun in the woods with their picnic table
Splog » Sommerfest im Märchenwald
an image of gnomes in boats on the water
His own boat
His own boat. Illustration from "The Jolly Dwarfs"by Brimax Books, England | by Heart felt
an image of children playing in the grass with snails and other things around them
Fritz Baumgarten
Gnome fruit wagon. Fritz Baumgarten
an old children's book with two hedges and a mushroom
Das Weihnachtsglöcklein
Das Weihnachtsglöcklein
a painting of children playing in front of a tree house with snow on the ground
Fritz Baumgarten
an image of gnomes in the snow with animals and birds around them by a tree
Fritz Baumgarten- Le cartoline e i disegni
Soloillustratori: Fritz Baumgarten- Le cartoline e i disegni