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a planter with flowers hanging from it's sides on a wooden beam in front of a white wall
a bunch of pins sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a vase
Marleen Brzenska on Instagram: "Maritime Deko mit Schneckenhäuser Ihr braucht: Treibholz oder weiche Rinde Schneckenhäuser Kleiner Handbohrer Lust zum basteln ☺️ #schneckenhaus#maritimedeko #sommerdeko #diydecoration #naturdeko #vintagedecoration #diy #diyhomedecor #wooddecor #gardendecoration #selbstgemacht #landhausdeko#artdecoration#decordesign#instadecoration#snailshell #dekoliebe #ecolifestyle"
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a black table
three sailboats are hanging from a tree branch
a statue of a snail on top of a piece of wood next to a bird
pine cones and candles are in a muffin tin
three pine cones with moss and trees on them in front of a black background,
several wooden birds are standing in the grass
a wooden planter filled with purple flowers
Upcycling-Ideen: 10 kreative DIY-Projekte mit Anleitungen
a drawing of a fox with autumn leaves coming out of it's back paws
Hey! Welcome to The Red Fox on Pinterest! Come check us out on Etsy and Insta @TheRedFoxKY! We sell scrunchies and other goodies
a drawing of a chicken with a red comb on it's head
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