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a dirt road surrounded by trees and leaves
Camino de Santiago // Way of St James (pilgrim trail in Spain) by Ramon Bacas cr.🇪🇸
an instagram page with the caption iceland one minute, crazy storm in the next
a train track running through the woods on a foggy day
Dies sind die 43 atemberaubendsten Bilder von Orten, an denen der Zahn der Zeit nagt.
an empty road surrounded by snow and trees
a long wooden bridge over a body of water surrounded by trees and grass in the background
a path in the woods with leaves on it and a quote that reads, in ordinary life we hardly relize that we receive a great deal more than we give
Serene~ I will take my doggies for a walk here
there is a set of steps that have fallen leaves on them
The Green Fairy
a path in the woods with trees and leaves on both sides, leading to a wooden bridge
a dirt road in the middle of a green field with grass growing on both sides
Sen benim neşeli yanımsın
an empty train track with the sky in the background and trees on both sides, under a cloudy blue sky
All The Way Home
"All The Way Home" --- Wisconsin Horizons #by Phil Koch
there is a small puddle in the dirt
Uno sbaglio e .... tutto nel fango