"Sugar Bear Studio" Balloon Cake Toppers Fondant

Fondant balloon cake toppers made by Sugar Bear Studio | Shop: SugarBearStudio.com
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a white cake topped with pink and white balloons
Pink Fondant Balloons - Balloon Cake Topper Fondant
Pink fondant balloons for a baby shower or a birthday cake. Made of edible fondant. Other colors are available (cake topper is made to order). See my Etsy shop for more cake toppers. Alex from Sugar Bear Studio
there are many different colored balloons on the sticks in this cake topper display case
Pearl fondant balloons 🎈
Lovely fondant balloons for baby shower cake, christening or birthday cake
a white cake topped with blue and gold balloons
"Save the Date" Fondant Balloon Cake Topper
These eye-catching balloons are made of an edible fondant and can be used on a wedding or a birthday cake. This particular cake topper was created for a couple, who had the "Save the Date" shooting.
three teddy bears on top of a cake with blue and white balloons in the air
there are several small round cake toppers on the cake stand, all in pastel blue and pink
there are four balls on top of the cake
a white cake topped with a blue and gold number one birthday candle on top of it