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an archway leading into the foggy sea with a ship in the distance behind it
Cross in the fog
the crucifix is being displayed in front of two men with their hands up
two women are standing in the sand dunes
a person holding up a piece of paper that has animals on it and people sitting in the tree
リト@葉っぱ切り絵 on Twitter
リト@葉っぱ切り絵 on Twitter: "「もうすぐ会えるかな、元気いっぱいの君に」 #新しい命" / Twitter
a man is standing next to a large ball in the mud and holding a shovel
Ancient gigantic stone hall
an abstract painting of a man's face and shoulders with multicolored hair
Пин от пользователя Pranto Sidda на доске mine | Иллюстрации арт, Винтажные плакаты, Художественные картины