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the wall is made up of many different colored pieces of yarn and stitched together
[FO] large scale project with wool on chicken wire frame
Handcrafted from Seed To Seat
Designs Inspired by Culture
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Handcrafted from Seed To Seat
Find unique designs & patterns inspired by nature and culture. The San Geronimo weave is handwoven with a vivid pattern inspired by the traditional festivities for the patron saint of the town of Masaya.
a wooden frame with a yellow and grey pattern in it's center, hanging on the wall
hinke schreuders
two pieces of paper with different shapes on them
96 Collages
an abstract geometric design with lines and circles
painting ideas easy acrylic
an orange and white rug with fringes on it, in the shape of a circle
Kesslyr Dean
a black and white circle on top of a piece of paper with strips in it
Suns & Moons, 2018 — Britt Fabello
a brown and white area rug with an intricate design
Vintage stencils from The Stencil Library. Buy from our range of Vintage stencils online. Page 1 of our Vintage thenaturalworld stencil catalogue.
an abstract pattern with blue, yellow and grey squares on a white wallpaper background
Exercice de Style
a black and white art print with an abstract design in the center, on a wooden frame
Starburst Limited Edition Art Print