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several penguin books with the title teaching social skills
Social Emotional Learning - Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Teaching character education and social skills is so important in Kindergarten and First Grade. This comprehensive full year social skills curriculum has hundreds of character development lessons and activities, as well as 8 printable books for your classroom library. Click to read about how I use it in my classroom! #SEL #backtoschool #charactereducation #socialstories #socialskills
books for the classroom with text overlay that reads 10 sel must have books for the classroom
10 SEL Must-Have Books for the Classroom - Team J's Classroom Fun
the ultimate list of social emotional children's books
11 Essential Ways to Bring Social-Emotional Learning Activities into the Classroom
the social and educational learning activities for kids
Ways to Develop Social-Emotional Skills in the Classroom
Attention kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers! This social emotional learning curriculum resource includes 8 units, with lesson plans, activities, and games for the classroom. Teach social skills and engage little kids in learning about respect, self-regulation, emotions, empathy, growth mindset, responsibility, kindness, and friendship. #socialemotionallearning #kindnessactivities #growthmindset #friendshipactivities #socialskills #charactereducation
Social Skills For Kids
FREE Social Emotional Resources
With my Mind + Heart Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum, you’ll be able to foster a kind, positive, and more productive learning environment for your K-5 grade students. Not only does my social emotional curriculum foster a positive environment, but it also teaches students the right words to express themselves and solve problems. It's a great resource to use throughout the entire school year! Summer, Montessori, Home Schooling, School Counseling
Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
teaching decision making with mentor texts for children and young adults to use in the classroom
Teaching Students Responsible Decision Making • Cupcakes & Curriculum
the cover of pass the ice cream sharing activity for preschoolers
50 Fun SEL Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten