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Published in Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful to name a few, Stephen has consistently helped designers pitch stories to get published…
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an open glass door leading into a living room with a large pink object on the wall
Creating Stunning Shots with Strobe Light Photography | Karlisch Workshops
Sometimes you have to strobe to create a completely different reality to make the shot work. Overpowering the daylight is key on a shot like this to make it work. Great solution when you need a little drama. Interiors by Deborah Walker and photography by Stephen Karlisch. Get more photography tips here! #strobelightingphotography
a living room with pictures on the wall and a chair in front of a cabinet
The Essential Guide to Styling Interiors with Floral Arrangements
Discover why floral arrangements are a must-have when styling interiors for photography. Strike the perfect balance between florals and your interiors. Learn more! #floralarrangements
the cover of lighting workshop for interiors learn how to effectively use store lighting for interior photography
Perfect the Art of Lighting for Interior Photography | Karlisch Workshops
Understanding lighting is the most important investment you can make in your interior photography career. Sign up on the waitlist for Karlisch Workshops here! #photographytips #strobelightingphotography
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a painting on the wall
Floral Styling Secrets for Perfect Interior Photography
Floral arrangements are so critical when styling interiors for photography. Styling by Anita Sarsidi for Mohon Interiors. Photography by Stephen Karlisch. Learn more here! #interiorphotography #floralstyle
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Master the Art of Strobe Lighting: Join Our Workshops Today!
Make the mood when and where you want to. Understanding lighting is the most important investment you can make in your photography career. Interior design by Brant McFarlain with styling by Jenny O'Connor Studio. Photography by Stephen Karlisch. Learn more about our strobe lighting workshops here! #strobelightingworkshops #photographytips
a bench sitting in front of a painting on the wall next to a vase with flowers
Mastering Interior Photography: Create Stunning Shots with Strobe Lighting
100% strobed. Learning how to make a shot like this happen in any environment with light placement and direction controlled by YOU is a skill every interior photographer should learn to master. For those times when the light just isn’t there! Interiors by SCW Interiors. Find out more about our lighting workshops here! #strobelightphotography
a group of people sitting around a table in a living room next to each other
Boost Your Interior Photography Skills with Our Lighting Workshops!
Our workshops are bringing interior photographers together to build upon their skills, connect, share which helps our industry and ultimately the end creative product for our clients. Last weeks April workshop group was incredible! Not only do our students love the open learning environment from us and them but to have access in trying so much equipment as they are building their photography toolboxes. Learn more about our lighting workshops here!
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place covered in art deco style decorations
Mastering Strobe Lighting for Perfect Product Shots | Photography Tips
Shooting in spaces with little to no natural light forces you to use supplemental lighting. This product shot for Strike Fireplaces is a perfect example of how utilizing strobe to mimic good natural light is a necessary skill if you are trying to get commercial client. Learn more! #photographytips #strobelighting
Go Hands-Free with the Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit | Karlisch Workshops
For those interior shoots that need to be hands free I’m using Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit which will include: the AeroTab tablet holder, the Rock-Solid Master Articulating arm & clamp. Capture One is now on the iPad, so you can tether directly into the iPad with a short cord. Very nice when you want a small profile for your kit, and not need another stand for the iPad or a laptop. Check out the easy set up! Tether tools is now a sponsor for our workshops. #strobelightingphotography
Primary Bath Photo Shoot At Kips Bay Dallas With Urbanology
Be prepared to experience an emotional awakening as you enter the primary bath that was thoughtfully designed by Urbanology Designs at Kips Bay 2023 in Dallas. It was an exploratory joy to create the gorgeous light needed to convey the feeling of this space by Ginger. Enjoy the behind the scenes of this shoot giving a glimpse of how Stephen created the stunning interior imagery for @urbanologydesigns #primarybath #interiorphotography
a group of people posing for a photo with an umbrella in front of the camera
Lighting Workshop for Interiors in Beautiful Maine
Thank you to this talented group of interior photographers for their eagerness to branch out and learn new skills for their business! We had a blast in beautiful Maine for our fifth workshop of the year. Continuing education is a must in our industry. It’s a workshop about a lot more than just lighting. #interiorphotography #strobelighting
Lighting For Interior Photography | Karlisch Workshops
Talking with Arturo from The Shifter Community @shiftercom about my approach to lighting on my interior shoots in this clip. We had a great talk about the upcoming Shifter Summit. Learn more about Karlisch Workshops here! #lightingtips #photographytips
stephen karlsch on his journey to becoming an in - line photographer
Interior Photographer Stephen Karlisch on Visual Revolutionary Podcast
Interior Design Photographer Stephen Karlisch joins the podcast to talk about growing up all over the world with an early dream of one day becoming an architect, and how he finally ended up in Texas to pursue an education based on that dream, only to find out his true passion was in the darkroom. Tune in to episode 208 to learn more! #interiorphotography #photographer
a man with his chin resting on his hand
Lighting For Interiors Photography | Tips From Photographer Stephen Karlisch
Stephen Karlisch is a Dallas, Texas based interiors photographer known for his incredible lighting techniques - not just amongst his clients, but within the architectural and design photography community. Tune in to the Architectural Photography Podcast here! #lightingtechniques #photographytips
a man standing in front of a window with the words how to use strobe lighting
How To Use Strobe Lighting in Interior Photography
Learn the art of interior photography with this beginner's strobe lighting workshop! Learn how to control ambient light and set up your camera for the ideal shot. Sign up here! #photographytips #strobelighting