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an outdoor table set up with orange and white plates, napkins and paper lanterns
Décoration mariage tropical
Décoration mariage tropical
three candles sitting on top of a tray next to pine cones and twine of twine
carton pq et essuie tout recyclage au top
three white candles are sitting in a glass vase with rocks and greenery on the table
Evtl Tischdeko mit niedriger Schale
four mason jars filled with white sand and lit candles on a tray in the living room
Cute for mantle or table for Christmas decoration. http://www.ikea.com/fr/fr/catalog/products/10239888/
there are many different pictures of tin cans with succulents in them
Recycler des boites de conserve en pots de fleurs * Idée Créative
Recycler une boîte de conserve en pot de fleur avec un effet patiné couleur mint #recyclage #boitedeconserve #succulente
a small succulent plant in a concrete pot with twine around the base
Concrete Planter Pot, Succulents Cacti, Cement Planter Pot, Rustic Jute Twine - 4" Diameter
{ details } This is a solid concrete planter cast and handmade by Timberline Studio. Ive added a touch of rustic color and texture to the bottom half by including jute twine on the bottom of the planter and about 1/2 up the sides. Jute twine affixed to the concrete with a heavy application of hot glue. As the bottom is covered in twine, there is no need to worry about the concrete scratching your furniture. Does not include drainage hole and is best suited for indoor plants that requir...
a small cactus sitting on top of a blue book next to a sign that says hello
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