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an empty cobblestone street with trees lining the sides
It's almost the weekend! 😃 What have you got planned for this weekend? A jaunt around Old Aberdeen is always a good idea especially with…
black and white photograph of stairs in an old building
a crowded beach with people sitting and standing on the sand
a train traveling down tracks next to tall buildings in a city with lots of trees
Inverness train passing the 'Trainie Park', Aberdeen, on 11 February 1984 (pic Neale Elder)
many people are walking on the beach near the water
The beach in the Sixties. The town was thriving in the days before the Costas.
an old black and white photo of people on the beach in front of a crowd
an old photo of people standing in front of a building
1907- Postcard showing Bathing Station.
a long row of rocks sitting on top of a beach next to a ferris wheel
Your pictures of Scotland: 11-18 March - BBC News
Aberdeen fun beach
an aerial view of the beach and ocean with buildings in the background on a sunny day
Aberdeen Ballroom Beach, Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire – Beaches
Aberdeen Ballroom Beach
an old black and white photo of people on the beach in front of a large building
William Wallace Statue Union Terrace Statue, Batman, Terrace, Statue Reference, William Wallace, Flying Dutchman, Around The Worlds
William Wallace Statue Union Terrace
an old photo of a large building with a statue in the foreground and trees around it