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a person sitting on a swing in front of a full moon with the quote everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view
We all see things in different perspectives
Different views... no matter where we are or who we are,we see things in different perspectives #Wisdom #quotes
a boat sitting on top of a lake next to a fire pit with the words nature is not applace to visit it's home
a beach with birds flying over it and the words watch more sunsets than mellis
a map with pins on it that says i want to make memories all over the world
Mystical Places
Mystical Places
an airplane wing with the words travel opens your heart, broads your mind and fills your life with stories to tell
a bridge in the woods that says, take time to do what makes your soul happy
an aerial view of trees with the words, seelen beggenen sich im eben night durch zufall
31 Sprüche über das Glück, die Liebe und das Leben
the goal is to die with memories not dreams quote on cloudy sky photo printable
Inspiring Travel Quotes to give you the Travel Bug