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a clock with children's pictures on it and the time in different parts of the clock
a white and green printer with the words documents montessoi in front of it
Merci qui ? Merci Montessori !: Activités Montessori 18 mois - 3 ans
les activité à proposer à partir de 18 mois
an orange book cover with words and pictures on it, including the title 101 activities for monte
Petites Chasses au Trésor par Coline et Rémy
101 Activités Montessori à imprimer gratuitement pour les enfants de 3 ans à 14 ans. Des kits d'activités éducatives pour les enfants
a small child's room with toys and decor
amenagement chambre bebe montessori - visuel #2
amenagement chambre bebe montessori
the words exploring lines are written on rocks
you clever monkey
Exploring lines: using hand drawn lines on rocks for play. Challenging pre-writers to distinguish between straight and curved lines to help build their understanding of shape and help establish correct letter and number formation later. Visit for more.
two pictures of a toddler playing with toys
Easy and Fun Activities for Teaching Colors - Natural Beach Living
Natural Beach Living: Easy and Fun Activities for Teaching Colors