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an artist's studio with easels, paintings and other art work on display
El jinete azul. Taller de Pintura, Enmarcacion y venta de cuadros
the interior of a library with tables and lamps
50 Things to See and Do in New York City
people are sitting at tables in front of bookshelves with lights on the shelves
Biblioteca Reina Sofia
an empty auditorium filled with lots of seats
International Design
people are swimming in an outdoor pool at dusk with purple and blue skies above them
#VSCO #foreversummer | nicolebeshara
two large brick buildings sitting on top of a lush green field
Liberty University School of Music + Concert Hall - VMDO Architects
an empty basketball court with lights on the ceiling
Riverbank High School / Darden Architects
an empty cafeteria with tables and chairs in it
2015 — Flower Mound High School
an empty parking lot in front of a large building with lights shining on it's windows
Rogers High School, Spokane Public Schools
an old brick building with a clock on the front and side of it at dusk
The Most Beautiful Public High School in Every State in America - Career, Education Level, Home School,Teacher Resources Blog