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someone is using a pen to write numbers on a board with dices in it
Multiplication Arrays
Multiplication Arrays
an animal themed name tag with snails and grass
Kruschkiste: Kleine Einmaleinskartei
the printable bookmarks are for children to learn how to read and write numbers
Kleines Einmaleins - Übungsfächer mit Ergebniszahlen
Kleines #Einmaleins – Übungsfächer. Rechnen mit Kater Karli und Kater Lulu. Der Übungsfächer ist im Druckformat DIN A4 (PDF) angelegt und liegt zum #kostenlosen Download auf meinem Server bereit. URL:
two children's worksheets on a table with pencils
Lernplatz: zahlenmauern
an image of a bag with some writing on it
mathematik - Grundschulkram aus der Kruschkiste - DesignBlog
the printable worksheet for numbers 1 - 10 with an image of a snail
verdoppeln und halbieren - ein Bingofeld
Lernstübchen: verdoppeln und halbieren - ein Bingofeld
a child is writing numbers on the floor with orange sticky notes attached to each side
Thinking about Non Fiction and Math Daily 5
Math Daily 5
owl themed addition cards with numbers to 10 and an owl on the number line for counting
Lucky Duck Winner
jeu de carte maths
four printable worksheets with numbers on them
Math Fact Fun
Maths CP. Trouver les additions qui sont égales au nombre demandé. Pince à linge. Autonomie.
the numbers are arranged in rows and placed on top of each other with colored strips
Peg-A-Number Fact (addition activity)
Peg-a-number addition/subtraction game
a pink flower with white and black dominos on it
Spring Math Games with Dice and Dominos
Primary Inspiration: Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop!
an animal's teeth and mouth are shown in this worksheet for children
Frau Locke
Frau Locke: Größer und kleiner