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painting cds is fun
a person holding up a purple and white sticker with the word shop on it
“Holy Shit” Record Vinyl Painting
someone holding up a black frisbee with friends written on it in front of some trees
a person holding up a paper plate with an eye design on it and paintbrushes in the background
a hand holding a red and white sign with the number nine in it's center
CD Harry Potter 9¾
an image of a circular painting on the wall with flowers and bubbles painted on it
a black record with an orange disk on it
Discos, Fai Da Te, Cds
a black record with white spirals on the front and back side, against a white background
Arctic monkeys painted vinyl record
Videos, Fun, Random, Cd Diy, Knutselen
Yay or nay | Самодельные плакаты, Декор из пластинок, Бумажные поделки
a black and pink disc with the word love written on it's center circle
three discs that have been painted to look like palm trees and lightning strikes on them
an evil eye sticker with the words, no bad vibes and blue eyes