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an old stone house with a thatched roof and bench in the front yard on a sunny day
The World's 15 Storybook Cottage Homes
There was an old womern who lived in a shoe, then shen moved to the Cottage at Blaise Hamlet, United Kingdom
an old fashioned merry go round in the city
Breathtaking Scenes from Paris - Entouriste
Carousel in Paris France and other must-see's and tips for staying in Paris.
a red car is parked in front of a waterfall and trees with red leaves on it
by Norbert Bedo / 500px
~~Waterfall and blazing red autumn forest ~ Austria by Norbi Bedő~~
blue butterflies are covering the bark of a tree in an area that is surrounded by trees
50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos
Blue Morpho butterflies crowding around a tree at the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. #Swarovski #SS13 collection inspiration
a bed sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean under a canopy
Women's Swimwear - Victoria's Secret Swim
Can it be summer already?
a leaf that is laying on some rocks by the water with mountains in the background
One of the most beautiful places. Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States
the words 16 useful travel website you probably didn't know about
16 Useful Travel Websites You Probably Didn't Know About
16 Useful Travel Websites You Probably Didn't Know About
the sun is setting behind a tree with its branches in the shape of a heart
an aerial view of clouds and the sky with rainbow colors in it's center
Fire Rainbows- the rarest of naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena.
the night sky is filled with purple and green lights, as well as stars above water
Our Galaxy over Queenstown
Our Galaxy over Queenstown ( on the evening of the Aurora Australis ) by Trey Ratcliff
an image of a village that looks like it could be built in the middle of nowhere
19 Truly Charming Places To See Before You Die
Bibury, England "This old village is known for both its honey-colored stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs as well as for being the filming location for movies like Bridget Jones’ Diary. It’s been called 'the most beautiful village in England.'"
a humpback whale dives under a rainbow in the ocean
20 Reasons Maui Has Been Voted Best Island For 20 Years Straight
Kayaking with baby Humpbacks & sea turtles in Maui, Hawaii. The most magical experience of my life.