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a bed in the back of a truck with wooden walls and flooring on it
#VanCrush: Photo
The details Repost from @free_to_roam_vans #VanCrush #freetoroamvans
two beds in a small room with wood walls
• I love everything about this build, whether it's the wood paneling in the shower or the clean rustic feel, this conversion was done…
the interior of a camper van with bunk beds and pillows on it's sides
200+ DIY Camper Van Conversion, Best Inspired Images ⋆ YUGTEATR
the inside of an rv with its door open
an overhead view of the back end of a car with clothes and other items in it — Coming Soon
Van Dusche. Wie die Idee, dass es an den Hintertüren befestigt werden kann. - #attac ... #attac #befestigt #dusche #hinterturen #werden #vanlife