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a bowl of pasta with tigger's twisted - tail on it and winnie the pooh figurine next to it
Winnie the Pooh Food
three soap bars wrapped in cellophane with winnie the pooh tags
Cactus Baby Shower Favors, Cactus Soap Favors, Buffalo Shower Favors, Southwest Favors, Succulent Shower Favors, Cactus Cutie - Etsy | Baby boy shower favors, Baby shower inspiration, Baby bear baby shower
Baby shower
Baby shower
there is a cake and cupcakes on the table
three honey jars with wooden spoons in them and tags on the lids that say, baby shower
there are waffles and blue candies in the shape of animals on this table
baby shower cookies are arranged on a table with the names of their babies and congratulations messages
three napkins with designs on them sitting on a counter top next to each other
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Themed best Friends Hand Embossed Cocktail Napkins - Etsy