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an ink drawing of the sun and stars on a sheet of paper that reads libra
Finger tattoos Forearm tattoos tattoo designs minimalist tattoos watercolor tattoos floral tattoos
Illustrators, Libra, Character Art, Lady, Goddess, Lady Justice, Mythology Art, Character Portraits
Lady of Justice v.2 by Dutch-Flower on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman holding a tray with food on it's sides and the words libra above her head
Portrait, Fantasy Art Warrior, Greek Goddess, Fantasy, Greek Goddess Art, Goddess Art, Female Art
Themis, Klara Szwec
an angel holding a golden scale in her right hand, with the sun shining behind her
Libra/Lady Justice
Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology Gods, Gods And Goddesses, Godess
Fantasy Art, Avatar, Fantasy Character Design