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a room filled with lots of butterflies hanging from it's ceiling next to a window
1 Million Butterflies
the instructions for how to sew an owl face on a pair of slippers
DIY Adorable Felt Owl Tutorial
DIY Adorable Felt Owl Tutorial
a store window with mannequins in it and trees on the windowsill
window decoration decorazione vetrine
Oramovani vylohy. Love this do-able shop window design. Stencils, size and silver leaf.
an image of a cat laying on top of a beanie with the caption's name in russian
Cama-guarida de ganchillo para gatos
for cat lovers
a piece of wood with birds on it and pictures hanging from the wall next to each other may be for sale -
I would like something like this in the dining room <3 birds on a wire pallet project
a large white ball with a face hanging from it's side on a chain
Exhibitions - Andrew Rae
a bed with pillows and pictures on the wall
Inspiration board as art.
a blue dog figurine sitting on top of a book shelf
Toys glued to wood blocks and spray painted for fun book ends, cool idea
a sculpture of a man with an arrow and some wires attached to his back legs
Aggie Zed Sculpture & Paintings
slave to limit 1
a lit candle is sitting on a table next to some pictures and a lamp shade
DIY: Papperslyktan Södermalm * Paper lantern Stockholm
whimsical paper lantern, easy to DIY, perfect for the holiday season!
three different views of the same object made out of folded paper, with words written on it
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of cecilia levy
Paper Thistles by Cecilia Levy - I must figure out how to do this!
several different types of paint and brushes are on the shelf next to each other in this collage
curated contemporary art /// the organic artist (a book giveaway)
images from "the organic artist"
the process for making an art project with acrylic paint
pulling (out) the gelli prints
Michelle Ward - Pulling Gelli Prints! Here are some prints I worked on with some stencils last fall. In two days I had boxes of prints - lots of experiments that taught me valuable lessons, and lots of papers that will be fashioned into a journal.