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🚽 Urinary Catheters 🚽 👉What is it? Catheter inserted through the urethra and into the bladder to withdraw urine. 🔥 Hack to Remember Main Points of Catheter Care: CATH • C: Collection bag below waist level • A: Aseptic Technique • T: Thirty = <30 ml/hr output is CONCERNING • H: Help secure catheter to leg Hope you enjoyed this skills review! ❤️ ⁉️ When does everyone start their new semester? ⭐️ Nursing Study Guides & Dozens of Free Resources for Nursing School Linked in Bio! #futurenurse #nurselife #nurses #nursesofinstagram #nursing #nursingnotes #nursingnow #nursingschool #nursingschoolproblems #nursingstudent #nclex #nurseinthemaking #nurseinprogress #nursingnotes #nclexnotes #nursingstudentessentials #beautifulnursing
From pigskin to our top-notch suture training. 🪡 Interested? Just tap the square.
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👉What is it? Pressure on skin & tissues over a bony prominence = SORES 👉Risk factors "BID": Bedridden, Incontinence, or Diabetic neuropathy 🔥 STAGES 🔥 1️⃣ Stage 1 = 1 layer affected (epidermis) with mild pain 2️⃣ Stage 2 = 2 layers affected (epidermis + dermis) with moderate-severe pain 3️⃣ Stage 3 = 3 layers affected (epidermis, dermis, subQ tissue) with severe pain 4️⃣ Stage 4 = 4 layers affected (epidermis, dermis, subQ tissue, muscle/bone) with NO PAIN ⭐️ NCLEX TIP: The best way to prevent Pressure Ulcers is to reposition the client Q1-2 hrs. 👉Other tips for treatment: ✔️ Encourage protein + fluids • ✔️ Rotate position Q1-2 hrs • ✔️ Assess skin each shift ✔️ Braden Scale to identify risk factors Happy Nursing! ❤️ XO Nurse Amanda ⭐️ Want more help with topics fro
👉An air bubble in IV tubing or a syringe can result in an air embolism (clot). This is rare in practice but can be potentially fatal. ❌ Method to Remove Air Bubbles: 1️⃣ Pull back amount of air in syringe as med • 2️⃣ Inject air into the med vial • 3️⃣ Keeping holding syringe down while turning vial upside down • 4️⃣ Release syringe: watch the pressure pull the med into the vial 5️⃣ Expel extra air on top 👉If there are still air bubbles present, just flick or tap the syringe. Remember to master any nursing skill, it takes practice and time. We all started somewhere. :) Thanks for watching! ❤️ ⭐️ Need help with Medication Dosage? Check out my FREE 20+ page packet with practice questions and rationale. Linked in bio! 📚 References:
the different types of catheter's eyes and how they are used to treat them
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Angle for IV insertion. Don't forget to pull the skin towards you to anchir the vein! ! Phlebotomist, Injections, Medical Studies
Angle for IV insertion. Don't forget to pull the skin towards you to anchir the vein! !
Parts of Cannula Names and Types and Infographics Medical Terms, Medical Terminology Study, Medical Laboratory Science, Physiology
Parts of Cannula Names in English with Their Functions • Englishan
Parts of Cannula Names and Types and Infographics