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the parts of speech flipbook is shown in rainbows and black text on a white background
Parts of Speech Activities - Layers of Learning
Parts of Speech Flipbook (1)
an english worksheet with the words pronouns and other things in it
Pronouns Worksheet
This is a fun worksheet to practice pronouns with your EFL students.
an english worksheet with pictures and words for children to use in the classroom
a-an interactive worksheet
Indefinite articles interactive and downloadable worksheet. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.
an english worksheet with pictures and words to be written on the front of it
a bulletin board with different types of people and words on it, including children's names
Nouns with room to add suggestions from students.
an articles poster with words and pictures on it
two bulletin boards with words and pictures on them
Noun Centers - Parts of Speech Activities
a blue poster with words and pictures on it
a poster with different types of punctuals on the front and back of it
#,English Grammar for Students
punctuation worksheet for kids with pictures
Capitalization and punctuation activities
an image of a punctuation game with question marks on it and stickers
Punctuation Resources
a piece of paper that has been cut out to look like a slice of pizza
Pronoun Pizza
a pink doughnut with words describing donuts on it, surrounded by crayons
a bulletin board with words on it and an image of a popcorn bucket in the center
15 Great Anchor Charts for Teaching Adjectives
a paper cut out with words and stars on it that say i am is are
a white sign with writing on it that says, adding s or ess?
Pin by Jessica Rebello on Writing | Teaching writing, Classroom anchor charts, Teaching grammar
Englisch Lifehack