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the question is not'why would a loving god send anyone to hell? '
The question is not: ”Why would a loving God send anyone to hell?” The question is: “Why would anyone choose hell over a loving God?” — Abu Usamah as-Sumalee
a man sitting on the floor in front of a rug with words that read keep calm and say
❝ Keep calm, and say; لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله [ La Ilaha Ilallah Muhammad ar Rasulullah] ❞
an image of a quote on the topic of love and death, not his body
A real man is the one who fears the death of his heart, not his body. - Ibn Al-Qayyim
a blurry cityscape with the words i love sleep you forget about things for a little while
And Allah wouldn't punish them while they were asking for forgiveness. (Quran 8:33)
someones finger pointing at something with the words sometimes, all it takes is just one prayer to change everything
Sometimes, all it takes is just one prayer to change everything.
the words begin everything with bismillah on a black background, and an image of a
Enlighten Your Heart
Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred. ― Thich Nhat Hanh, "Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life"
a sign that says keep calm and pray 5 times a day with a turkey on it
You snooze you lose. Pray your salah and ask Allah for forgiveness.
a quote that reads, a believer smiles in public and sweeps in private
islam... islam..InSyaAllah. Quotes. Saying. Beautiful Words
a blurry photo with the words ya rabbi make me how you want me to be amen
(Âmin.) Aklım sana doğrulup, Gönlüm kara dünyayı gerilerde bırakır. Gün doğarken yükselen bir tarla kuşu olup, Cennet kapılarında kutsal ezgiler şakır. Öyle bir servettir ki sevgini anmak bile, Sultanlarla yer değiş deseler de nafile. Sheakspeare'in Sonesi.