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a poster with red flowers in the background and text that reads mercat del ram vic 2017
Mercat del Ram | Poster / Image
1900--2000 Illustration #vintageFashion1950sretro Vogue, Vintage Fashion, Retro Vintage, Couture, Vintage, Haute Couture, Vintage Dresses, Vintage Style Dresses, Fashion Decades
1900-2000 Illustration - pinnerships
1900--2000 Illustration #vintageFashion1950sretro
an image of a web page with many different colors and font styles on it, including blue
Samantha Warren, Design Leadership
Nice example of a one-page personal brand site. I like when you scroll down to the footer the cat jumps up.
a bunch of different types of papers stacked on top of each other with the same color scheme
7 et 77 - Boglio | Graphic Design & Illustration
7 et 77 // Boglio
five different types of font and numbers in black and white, with the words 5 best elegant
5 Best Elegant Google Font Combinations
Google font combinations.
an advertisement for a new orleans restaurant with pictures of different types of food and drinks
The Best Getaway Destination for Busy Moms Is…
New Orleans Travel Guide - What To Do, See, Eat, and Drink in NOLA
an open magazine with two pages on the front and back, one is purple in color
Looking Ahead to 2020
I like how some of the text is black over a white background, and some of it it off to the side in a purple/pink box with white writing. I could incorporate this into my magazine by using colored boxes offset with differently colored text inside.
an open suitcase filled with clothes on top of a piece of paper in front of a white background
City Trip Packing Guide - missing hair dryer, straighteners, if foreign - plug adaptor, washing stuff, comb, boots, jumper
pink and blue is featured in the magazine, with images of different items on it
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an image of a book with the title between the ducks and a hard place
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Magazine Book Layout Inspiration 6
two men with afro hair are looking at the same person in front of an open book
RELEVANT Spreads - ReckerHouse
RELEVANT Spreads - ReckerHouse Book And Magazine, Interview, Principal
RELEVANT Spreads - ReckerHouse
an image of a magazine cover with many different pages on it, including the words and images
Nike Stadium Paris 4 - Leslie David & website http://www.leslie-david.com/
an image of a restaurant website design
rosa-real_size.jpg by George Olaru
I love the richness of the photography. There's lots of contrast between the sections that adds tons of class to this design. #Diagonal lines!!!