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an abstract drawing of a woman's body in black and white
Åse Margrethe hansen. Ink & color pencil, 2012
an old rusted metal surface with water droplets
art journal - expression through abstraction
Delray Biker Blues
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
Makoto Fujimura, the International Arts Movement, and finding God through Artistic Expression
Makoto Fujimura
an abstract painting with lines and shapes
Flora by Erik Gonzales mixed media
a painting is shown on the wall next to a lamp
Gallery: East Meets West in Hush’s Klimt-esque ‘Twin’ Series
Hush’s ‘Twin’
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
History of Art: Robert Rauschenberg
an abstract painting with red, black and white colors on the bottom half of it
art journal - expression through abstraction
Jylian Gustlin, “Ignus”