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15 Photos Of Military Service Dogs That Prove They Are More Than Just Dogs
a woman standing next to a dog with a blanket on it's head and the words during ww1, mercy dogs were trained to deliver medical supplies to injured soldiers who could treat their own wound
a german shepherd dog sitting in the grass with its tongue out and his poem written on it
WTF Fun Facts
WTF Fun Facts
a black and white photo of a dog with the caption hachiko, his owner had suffered from a gerbil
a black and white photo of a dog wearing a coat in front of a crowd
WTF Fun Facts
two dogs sitting on top of a bench next to a man in a suit and tie
a small dog sitting in a bowl on top of a headstone that says smoky
10 of The Most Touching Animal Memorials in The World
a dog in a bowl with its tongue out and the caption below it says,