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a drawing of two people sitting on a bench
SharaNagathi The celestial wedding of the jivAtma to paramAtma.
two pictures with different types of statues on them
a painting of a person sitting on a chair with a dog in front of him
a painting hanging on the wall above a bench
The Tranquil House : Creating Functional Spaces Having Minimalist Approach | Design Dialogue Studio - The Architects Diary
a painting of a woman with two hands in her other hand, and an elaborate headdress
an ornately carved wooden statue in the middle of a black background with flowers around it
an intricately decorated tree with peacocks and leaves on it's branches, framed in
Life Of Tree Tanjore Painting (Size with frame: 28 in x 22 in x 2 in)
Lord Vishnu Seated on Sheshanaga Brass Statue
a silver statue with a black ball in it's center and the words divine shalligram above it