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an eye is shown in this black and white photo, with lines on the outside
Scratchboard Illustration by WALTHER SORG>Brilliance! I've done scratchboard before , its not easy,however, this is magnificence!
a black and white drawing of a dream catcher
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Original art - Dreamcatcher on scratchboard. $80.00, via Etsy.
a drawing of a dog's face with orange eyes
Wolfhound by Elena Kolotusha. Scratchboard and ink.
Art And Illustration, Ap Studio Art, Art Academy, Ap Art, Creepy Art, Arte Fantasy
Incredible Illustrations Done on Scratchboard
a black and white drawing of a woman with her hands on her face in front of buildings
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Shedding the Past ORIGINAL scratch board art by by bryancollins, $45.00
a black and white drawing of a bearded man
a black and white drawing of a hand
AP Breadth work, scratchboard, Dakotah, Kathy Bradshaw's AP class 2012
an ink drawing of two deer standing next to each other on a black and white background
Adventures in Scratchboard by Elizabeth Colantuoni, via Behance
a black and white photo of a wolf's face
Scratch Art Gallery
Scratch Art Gallery - Scratchbord Art by Allan Ace Adams - unreal
a bird flying through the air with its wings spread out and flowers in the background
Natural World
The Peninsula (bird detail) by Cathie Bleck. Inks on scratchboard.
a drawing of a man's face with an eyeball in the center and glasses on his head
☆ Scratchboard Illustration :¦: By Artist Walther Sorg ☆
an image of a stack of money with the words economics on it and people standing around
The Magic Pill – Scratchboard Illustrations by Michael Halbert - Pondly
Amazing Scratchboard Illustrations by Michael Halbert
some type of calligraphy that is in the shape of a handwritten word on a black background
Scratch Art Lesson
Scratch Art Lesson
an image of a river in the middle of night with clouds above it and people walking on
Scratchboard 2
Line Art 2 by Bill Sanderson, via Behance