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an orange and white fabric with different designs on it's sides, including paisleys
Titley and Marr - Textiles Designers
interpretation of an old wood block - orange, coral, pink fabric
three pomegranates on a white background with dripping paint
@textile_cuisine/TextileArts / Twitter
"Pomegranates" oil/c by Lilia Orlova-Holmes (5) @textile_cuisine/TextileArts on Twitter
a potted plant sitting in front of a red wall with a painting on it
Persian Lace Border Stencil
Persian Lace Border Stencils
an archway leading into a building with intricate carvings
IMG_2049 Kashan, Iran
Moroccan Style
a vase with red flowers sitting on top of a table next to books and a lamp
Mithu Miyan
Designed by Sabyasachi for Nilaya | 'Mithu Miyan' is the perfect wallpaper for the urban home with a rustic soul.
a tea set sitting on top of a table in front of a blue wallpaper
What can you expect from Sabyasachi's first line of wallpapers with Nilaya? - Elle India
a red background with flowers and leaves on it
India Baroque
SabyaSachi by Nilaya from Asian Paints
four different types of wallpapers with flowers and leaves in red, orange, yellow and green
sabyasachi nilaya inspiration
there are many gold cups and vases on the shelf in front of the wall
Bater Wallpaper from The Indian Baroque Story. #SabyasachiForNilaya #HandCraftedWallpaper @worldofnilaya @asianpaints #Sabyasachi Homes and Spaces #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #SabyasachiArtFoundation
a painting of fruit and flowers on a blue background with green leaves, branches, and birds
WallpaperWholesaler.com now offers over 200,000 styles of wallpaper at wholesale prices online!
爱 Chinoiserie? Mais Qui! 爱 home decor in Chinese Chippendale style - pagoda shelfChinoiserie wallpaper
an old wallpaper with birds and flowers on the green background is shown in this image
Spotlight On: Gracie Wallpaper | Tory Daily
Gracie paper in Mary McDonald's bedroom.. So totally dreamy. Wish I could afford.
a blue chair sitting in front of a china cabinet with plates on top of it
Portfolio — Matthew Carter Interiors
i want dining room built ins some day
a bedroom with a tree painted on the wall and two framed pictures above the bed
Photos: Miranda Brooks Brooklyn House
Inside Miranda Brooks’s Brooklyn home, photographed by François Halard.
a room with blue and gold wallpaper on the walls
Design Inspiration. Planet Stencil Library.
Gold & blue Chinoiserie walls. Fabulous! I hope a customer does something similar with our Willow Pattern stencils
a blue and white wallpaper with leaves and branches
Jasper Peony Fabrics from our Big Prints range
Jasper Peony fabric in China Blue colourway.