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there are many pieces of cake on the baking sheet ready to be cut into squares
chocolate covered matzoh bark, decorated with non-pareils and nuts. Perfect dessert for passover & seders. Kid friendly :) Melt dark or semi-sweet chocolate with a little canola oil; paint on matzoh, top with toasted coconut, non-pareils, chopped nuts or anything else. Enjoy!
the paint is being applied to make an art project
Matza painting!! From Burbank jewish preschool
a young boy sitting at a table in front of a cake with sprinkles on it
Wine glasses for Pesach
a child's feet in a bathtub with green shapes
Frog float
there are several pieces of art made out of plastic and glass in the room with blue walls
Not my idea but super cool idea, just flip the tables and let the children paint the plastic! Splitting of the sea, Passover Pesach idea
Kids, Hebrew, Ebd, Work
Building in Egypt
a child's play table made out of cardboard
there are many small trays on the tables with different things in them and one is empty
4 cups on wine provocation.