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the desert is red and brown with some green plants growing out of it's sand
Photos of the Month Page
Totem Pole, Monument Valley, Arizona
a large waterfall in the middle of a body of water with rocks on both sides
Thunder Mountain, Canada's Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario | by Chaos2k, via Flickr
two monks in orange robes sitting on rocks near a tree with roots growing out of it
Weathering the Elements
Angkor Wat
a man standing in front of a cliff with houses built into the side of it
many lanterns floating in the air over water at night with people standing around and watching
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Festival of Lights, Thailand
a cobblestone street lined with tall buildings covered in flowers
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Alsace - France
an old church sits in the middle of a field of lavenders, surrounded by trees
Lavandes a l'Abadia de Senanque / Lavandas en la Abadía de Senanque / Lavenders at Senanque's Abbey
Lavenders at Senanque's Abbey - Senanque - Gordes (Vaucluse - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - France)
tulips and other flowers in front of a windmill
a city street filled with traffic and tall buildings at dusk, surrounded by tall skyscrapers
Wall Street
New York City
a large golden rock sitting on top of a mountain
The Golden Rock by CitizenFresh on DeviantArt
The magnificent "Kyaik-Tiyo" Pagoda is a stupa sits on top of a huge Boulder covered in gold leaf, which balances on the edge of a cliff at the top of Kyaikto Mountain. Kyaik-Tiyo is a place of pilgrimage for all Buddhists in Myanmar/Burma/. People say this rock keep the balance because of one single hair of the Buddha.
an alley way with lots of signs on the wall and people walking down the street
Kiya-machi street, Kyoto, Japan 木屋町通 京都
an image of the inside of a canyon
Adventure Sports Network | The Gateway to Adventure Sports
Antelope Canyon, Arizona- After you squeeze into the canyon you're met with a metal ladder to help you get to the bottom. Before the ladder was installed travelers had to rappel to the bottom, and there wouldn't be any way to get out of the canyon at the opposite end without a ladder. Photo by Travis Burke.
an empty road in the middle of nowhere with mountains in the background and clouds in the sky
Monument Valley by Brusselsimages
Monument Valley - I love this desolately beautiful place
an empty street lined with stone buildings and greenery on both sides, surrounded by lush green trees
Private Luxury Tours in the Cotswolds | Rosehill Travel
The heart of the Cotswolds. A few minutes drive from