Horses, horses, horses
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This Infinite Paradox
Pferde-Zunge #pferd
Pferde-Zunge #pferd
a woman standing next to a horse with a quote on the front and back of it
So true
a black and white photo of a horse spraying water on it's face with its bridle
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a little boy standing next to a donkey
Inside every big horse girl is a little horse girl with one foot on a fence rail come closer, little donkey…
the words big dreams, nice horses and expensive taste are in white letters on a black background
true words
a horse's nose with the words, the smell of happiness
The smell of happiness.
a white horse standing on top of a sandy beach
Beach beauty!
a brown horse standing in the dark with its head turned to the side and it's eyes closed
Expression Venusia
black and white photograph of a horse's face
Now ...
a horse is running on the beach
Horse Running on the Beach
a brown horse standing on its hind legs
Amazing 😍
a brown horse standing next to a lush green forest filled with trees and grass on top of it's head
What a beauty..