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Bible quotes
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a coloring page with the words be still and know that i am god on it
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Bible Blessings & Promises, Coloring Book for Adults
a drawing of flowers with the words be still and know that i am god
Printable colouring sheet based on Psalm 46:10, Be Still & know that I am God.
a poster with the words pray written on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Scriptures for when to keep your mouth shut. Motivation, Albert Einstein, Wise Words, Wisdom Quotes, Wisdom, Keep Your Mouth Shut, Help Me, Lord Help Me
Scriptures for when to keep your mouth shut.
a green and white poster with the words 7 proms, i am frieven
a vase with yellow flowers and the words how to do a prayer walk through your home
Saturate your home with prayer through regular prayer walks! 30 Bible verses to pray over your home during a prayer walk
a poster with words written on it and some writing in different languages, including the word grace
Free Printables for Bible Journaling
Margin/Bookmark Printables Print and color these free printables and use as cute bookmarks, or tape or glue them into the margins of your Bible as art. &nb…
the free bible coloring pages for kids to print and use on their own book or journal
Bible Journal -
39 Free Bible Coloring Page & 3 Ways in Use in Your Bible Journaling!
a poem with the words prayer to hear god's spirit
the soap bible study method is shown in three different colors, including blue, green and yellow
One of the most simple Bible Study Methods, take only a few minutes but will stick with you!
a cartoon mouse reading a book with the quote sometimes god lets you hit rock bottom, so that you will discovery that he is the rock at the bottom
Little Church Mouse
Sometimes God...Little Church Mouse 24 Feb. 2015.
an adult coloring book with the bible verse
Inspiring Words: 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color: Zondervan…
a handwritten bible verse with flowers and leaves in the center, on a white background
"Blessed is she" Coloring Page
The Prudent Pantry: "Blessed is she" Coloring Page
A Prayer....
Prayer for when you feel overwhelmed
A Prayer....