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the beatles walking across a rainbow - colored crosswalk in front of a sunflower
a woman is walking her dog down the sidewalk
black and white photograph of three people standing next to a pile of rocks in front of a car
Lennon e McCartney
three young men are laughing together in front of a pond and trees on a snowy day
three men in suits are running down the street with their feet up and one is jumping
Like a Rolling Stone
Mr. John Lennon and Mr. Paul McCartney running fast from a crowd of fans during the shooting of The Beatles 1964 film “A Hard Day’s Night”.
four people are sitting on a log in the water and one person is holding an acoustic guitar
the beatles's album cover art for the album, in which they are crossing the street
The Beatles - Abbey Road (2009 Remaster) (CD)
the beatles walking down a city street in front of tall buildings with one man wearing a suit and tie
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