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an abstract circular pattern on a black background with white lines in the center and small dots at the top
C͕y̼m͚aͅți̥c̫s̥ — Universal Transmissions
C͕y̼m͚aͅți̥c̫s̥ — Universal Transmissions
a black and white circular design on a black background
C͕y̼m͚aͅți̥c̫s̥ — Universal Transmissions
an image of a circular object with many circles in it's center on a green background
Diatomeen Oamaru Interphako - Mikrofotografie und Makrofotografie
a close up view of the scales of a fish's skin with red and green colors
Natural Patterns are extremely beautiful - ECstep
an orange and grey abstract painting on canvas
Schuppen des Diskusfisch; Havi Sarfaty, Israel
a dandelion with lots of white seeds on it
an intricately designed metal screen is shown in black and white
Feather SEM(300)
a blue butterfly with orange spots on it's wings
a close up view of the wing of a butterfly
a large butterfly with orange spots on it's wings
This Ivy House: Photo
an image of a green leaf that is cut in half to look like a flower
Kew Gardens (@kewgardens)
Giant Waterlily- Victoria Amazonica.