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an empty room with light coming in from the ceiling
LIGHT EFFECTS - Art+Tech Magazine
the cover art for an upcoming album, titled in black and white with a large triangular shape
shadows cast on the wall and ceiling in an art gallery
Tourisme responsable, voyager autrement dans le respect des peuples et de la nature
Vestiaires, 'Les Bains des Docks', Jean Nouvel - Le Havre - Photo voyage
four different views of an empty room
+ ligo zahari
aaa: “ Projet Labourdette, recherche sur la lumière, septembre 2011 ”
an image of a long narrow hallway in the middle of some sort of building that looks like it is going to be built
Pick it up!it is so beautiful and exquisite,click to come online shopping, Super…
two different views of people sitting on the ledges
Hello world! — Raffaello Rosselli Architect
Experiential Sections
two people sitting on top of a green and white geometric object in the middle of an image
arquitectos pontevedra galicia diseño interiores reformas interiorismo decoración obras muebles
a black and white photo of a house in the middle of two different buildings with windows
NameBright - Coming Soon
Déco Scandinave - Affiche de Dessin d'architecture en noir et blanc
a man standing in the middle of a pool surrounded by concrete walls and water columns
Carrara thermal baths, Arnold Toth + Attila Pall
Carrara thermal baths, Arnold Toth + Attila Pall – BETA
an empty tunnel with water in it and light coming from the end at the end
distances: Photo
Z7Z : Photo
an indoor swimming pool with lights hanging from the ceiling and people in the water below
The big bang house
an artistic rendering of people playing in the water at a public swimming pool with floating rafts
Kengo Kuma to build aquatics centre and harbour bath in Copenhagen
Kengo Kuma construira un centre aquatique et un bain portuaire à Copenhague