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a statue of a horse is shown in black and white
D C Muller Brothers 1890-1928
a horse's head is adorned with metal chains and other accessories, including a mask
Medieval Love
a close up of a horse wearing armor
medieval horse armor
a statue of a knight sitting on top of a horse
a bronze statue of a horse with a helmet on it's head is shown
Equine / Limited Edition — Douwe Studios
a man riding on the back of a white horse in a field with trees behind him
battle of hastings 1066 - 2010 re-enactment
a man dressed in armor on top of a horse
mounted knight
mounted knight by flee the cities, via Flickr
Eoin Cannon's Sketchbook Character Design, Dragons, Female Knight, Female Armor
Eoin Cannon's Sketchbook
Eoin Cannon's Sketchbook
Fantasy Characters, Fairy Tales, Steampunk, Snow White, Lord, Snow, Snow White Photos
Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman
a woman dressed in armor holding a shield with a tree on it's side
Summer Movie Guide - Still Photos of Snow White and the Huntsman