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an empty meeting room with three doors and two chairs in front of the door,
The Good Ones: The Power Hour - A Little Bit About a Lot of Things
a wooden box sitting on top of cement next to a power cord and some tools
Schalung für Betonsockel bauen | Anleitung @ diybook
Fertig zusammengebaute Schalung
a woman is standing in the middle of a room with many desks and chairs
PwC Experience Center Offices - Paris | Office Snapshots
PwC Experience Center Offices – Paris
people are walking around in an open space with wooden shelves and shelving on the wall
Parisian cooking classroom tools pack away onto plywood wall
two men standing in front of a whiteboard with deer heads on it and another man looking at the wall
Microsoft - Redmond Building 44 Offices | Office Snapshots
Microsoft Redmond Building 44 Offices
an office desk with pegboard on the wall next to it and shelves in the background
dave keune adapts design innovation space for flexible office use
dave keune in collaboration with PROUD realizes design innovation space. an open, flexible meeting space focusing on collaboration in strijp-s, eindhoven.
an empty room with several tables and chairs in it, including a plant on the top shelf
Das kreative Büro
Das kreative Büro. #office_as_a_service #kreativesbüro #bürokreativeinrichten #bürokreativgestalten
an open room with shelves and people in it
Gallery of Aspen Art Museum / Shigeru Ban Architects - 28
Aspen Art Museum / Shigeru Ban Architects
an empty room with yellow and blue dividers on the walls, white tables and chairs
Gallery of Yuanyang Express We+ Co-working Space / MAT Office - 12
Gallery - Yuanyang Express We+ Co-working Space / MAT Office - 12
several people are sitting at tables in an office with black walls and white flooring
The Bene IDEA LAB provides space for creative brainstorming processes. In the last 2 years over 150 events – from workshops, talks, team meetings, business breakfasts to photo and film shoots and pop up shops – with more than 5,000 participants took place in Vienna.
a long table with many chairs around it in a large room that has yellow doors and windows
7 Minimalist Home Office Ideas with Floating Desks Perfect for The Small Modern Home Office
small-home-office-color-ideas-36 - Futurist Architecture
an empty room with yellow shelves and glass blocks on the wall, in front of a window
Gallery of Vinted 4TH / YCL studio - 13
VINTED is the place where community and staff are connected by common ideas, work environment and friendly office spaces.
an empty room with wooden shelves and chairs
Estudio | NAN Arquitectos
Proyecto: Estudio Nan Arquitectos Localización: Praza de España 1. Pontevedra (Galicia / España). Año: 2015 Diseño: NAN Arquitectos Equipo: Wenceslao López, Vicente Pillado, Alberto Reiriz. Equipamiento: nancontract Superficie: 32 m2 Fotografías: Iván Casal Nieto Descripción: Este proyecto para nuestra oficina intenta reflejar la imagen y valores de nuestra empresa. Somos diferentes y este espacio lo demuestra, nos refleja y determina como los visitantes perciben nuestra empresa. Es un ...
a room that has some kind of tool rack on the wall in front of it
2020 ふつうの家展