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several different pictures of candles and bowls on pink background with text overlay that reads, how to make candle holders out of paper plates
DIY - Des bougeoirs en béton
Facile à réaliser ces bougeoirs en béton seront du plus belle effet. Préférez des moules en plastique faciles à retirer comme les pots de y...
green leaves are shown against a white background
Foliage, Plant Leaves, Botanical Pattern, Rubber Plant von PrintsProject
two vases sitting on top of a shelf next to plates
Stoneware Canisters for Storing (and Hiding) Your Kitchen Basics
Stoneware Canisters for Storing (and Hiding) Your Kitchen Basics
four white containers with wooden lids on the top and bottom, one has a spoon in it
Keep Your Food And Decor Fresh With These 13 Modern Jars And Canisters
With wood lids that have leather tabs, these modern white stoneware canisters have individual textured patterns, making you want to reach out and grab them.
a potted plant sitting on top of a counter
Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle
Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle - Made By Barb - nature detailed cast concrete leaves formed over deflatable form
four different types of leaves and dirt on the ground
Arte e decoração usando cimento. Confiram essas idéias são geniais
Arte e decoração usando cimento. Confiram essas idéias são geniais
two leaf shaped candles are lit on the wall
Betong - Hemma hos hellenfrafjellen
I höstas provade jag gjuta i betong för första ggn. Det var superkul! Längtar till det blir lite mildare väder så man kan sätta igång igen.. Betonglöv. ljuslyktor. fat. fat gjuten på en spetsduk. ägg som jag stämlat på
a white candle sitting on top of a gray cloth covered napkin next to a cup
Concarit by Dan Goldsmith
Dan Goldsmith student at the Holon Institute of Technology designed these inviting cushions of comfort named Concarit. By pouring concrete into bags then resting an object of weight in the center he has created the soft, sinking illusion of a down pillow. A complete oxymoron, these cozy puffs of solid rock can be used as …
several pieces of cardboard are arranged on a cutting board to make an origami snowflake
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
a person is holding some kind of metal object in their hand while they are working on it
Concrete Geometric Polyhedron Container and pattern
Make this Concrete Geometric Polyhedron using the super simple free pattern that is cut from vinyl tile and poured with rapidset concrete. Add gold leaf!
a pair of scissors and some tape are on a table next to the hole puncher
Como hacer macetas de cemento, concreto u hormigón
several pots with plants growing out of them on top of a black surface in the grass
40 Amazing Succulents Garden Decor Ideas - HOMISHOME