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an animal crossing game is shown in two different screens, one with a person standing on the
MA-4394-4075-9363 Marina tile by Fairy_ha_iizo on Twitter
two screens show the same scene as they appear to be in an animated video game
She sells sea shells by the sea shore. 🌸 a little area for my pink shell set.
two tables with blue and white decorations on them
A cute brunch spot
there are many sweaters hanging on the wall
Since I’m recovering from heatstroke and was advised to stay in bed for awhile, I spend time to design these. Introducing my otaku and gothic sides. 😊
two screens showing the same character in animal crossing, and an image of someone's avatar
Spooky ACNH QR codes and designs
there are many different items hanging on the wall
Animal Crossing Halloween Designs & Costumes - ACNH Spooky Clothes & Path Custom Design Codes
an animated scene with blue flowers and trees
✧.*🌿Kelsey🍃 *.✧ on Twitter
an animal crossing character is wearing a kimono and standing in front of a pink background
Made a wave kimono for anyone interested ! (inspired by u/jettsona's design )