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plates with oranges and green leaves on them
Casa Cubista on Instagram: "Yellow and oranges, fresh picked of course. #madeinportugal #casacubista"
a blue and white striped bowl filled with fruit
a small bowl with a lobster painted on it
a bowl with lemons painted on it sitting on a wooden table next to a knife and fork
DIY vaisselle personnalisée - saladier oranges
the blue and white dishes are arranged on top of each other, with leaves painted on them
an orange and white plate with red flowers on the front, against a white background
someone is holding up a pink and blue plate with flowers on it, in front of a turquoise background
three colorful vases with flowers in them sitting on small tables next to each other
there are many different colored vases on the white tablecloth with text overlay
Keramik aus Portugal - handgemacht und einzigartig