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a round foot stool with many pairs of shoes in it on the floor next to a window
Romantic Dressing Room - Storage Ottoman
Roomscape Gallery Detail | Rowley
smart and digital wheelchair #health
a green motorcycle parked on top of a street next to a parking lot with no one around
the HAMYAK ATV is an all-terrain, mono-tracked motorcycle
Electric Drill Shears Attachment Cutter Nibbler
Safe and Durable: No contact with the saw blade or blades, and no injuries to hands. Equipped with a robust metal gear head designed for long life and durability. Double Cutting Head And 360 . Straight And Circle Cutting, You Can Also Effortlessly Cut Beautifully. Smooth shearing effect without burrs Excellent Cutting Effect: Cutting Jobs Becomes Easier, Faster And Safer With This Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler, Fitting Effortlessly Into Any Standard Drill And Creates A Precision, Burr Edge.
🪤🧀 Outsmart Those Mice with the Flip Lid Bucket Trap! Get Rid of Pests Fast!
🐭 FLIP LID BUCKET MOUSE TRAP (30% OFF) Safe, Sanitary, and Effective Rodent Control Upgrade to the innovative Flip Lid Bucket Mouse Trap for a safe and non-toxic solution. Keep your family protected and your space rodent-free. 🐶 Pet Friendly 🧼👏 Sanitary Solution 🐀🐭 Versatile Capture Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 inches Item Weight: 10.68 ounces Experience the future of pest control! 🪤🐾🏠
two photos of a woman holding a large metal object
Futuristic 3D Printed Piezoelectric Violins Are A Thing Now
This robot will print artwork directly onto your wall - very cool tech!
Kneel-It is a cleverly engineered support device designed to relieve strain and decrease injuries that come with prolonged kneeling.
Barcelona robotic drawing by @ozgewhocodes