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a poster showing the different types of plants
Companion planting chart to help with your veggie gardens!
Companion planting chart to help with your veggie gardens!
the chart shows how many different types of vegetables are grown
10 Fruits and Vegetables That Grow Fast
Planting and harvesting cheat sheet
a woman kneeling down in the snow next to an open window and planter box filled with lettuce
42 Best DIY Greenhouses ( Great Tutorials & Plans! ) - A Piece of Rainbow
two pictures showing the different stages of growing plants in wooden planters, and how to use them
Eight and a half 'no dig' ways to grow the humble spud! | The garden!
Eight And a Half ‘No Dig’ Ways to Grow The Humble Spud!
several pictures of different types of rocks with words painted on them and carrots in the middle
Ideas to label the garden plants!
Beautiful River Rock Garden Markers Instructions Cheap and easy DIY garden decoration Instructions Use inexpensive ...
the info sheet shows how composting composts are made and what they use
A beginner's guide to building their own compost bin for their home! #botanicalgardens
an info sheet with vegetables and fruits on it, including carrots, celery,
Low Maintenance Gardening for Busy People | Family Food Garden
How much to plant per person? #VegetableGarden
the different types of composting 101s are shown in this poster, which shows how
How to Compost at Home
How to Compost at Home: A Guide for Beginners
the food you can regrow chart is shown
How many of you throw away the peels and stems of veggies you use to make dishes/consume? Kitchen scraps is the maximum waste a house creates but it isn’t a problem for the environment since it is mostly biodegradable. It is possible to regrow many of the veggies from there scraps; not only will this …
three lettuce plants with the words 7 vegetas que voltam
10 Ways to Regrow Food in Water
Got more scraps? There are plenty more vegetables that will regrow using just a small scrap of the original food. These listed below can be started in water, but should be transplanted to dirt for full growth and harvest. avocado basil beets cilantro ginger lemon balm mint mushrooms onions (white/yellow/red) parsnips pineapple potatoes rosemary sweet potatoes turnips And of course, you can save the seeds/pits from apples, cherries, lemons, nectarines, peaches, peppers (sweet and hot), plum...
a facebook page with an image of potatoes growing out of a potted planter
Planting potatoes in a pot. Cut the sides out of one and place inside of another for easy removal
an outdoor brick oven with firewood stacked in it
My Brother's Pizza Oven
An English Homestead: My Brother's Pizza Oven
an outdoor pizza oven with firewood in it
35+ Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Create a Perfect Ambience)
Wood fired pizza oven.... love the rustic, real italian feel to it...