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a wind chime made out of rocks and shells hanging from a tree branch on a wooden fence
Pottery Wind Chimes. Bare and natural clay
This ceramic wind chime is functional and beautiful at the same time! They look great hanging alone or in a group, inside or outside. These clay moon-shaped chimes and the beads are handmade by me, using 3 different coloured stoneware clays and then fired twice to stoneware temperature to ensure they are very strong and can withstand harsh weather. They have been left bare and unglazed- so you can appreciate the natural buff clay colour, which gives an organic vibe and feels as smooth as si
there are two small white ghost candies on the table
Basteln für Halloween: Leucht-Geister aus Modelliermasse – Sinnenrausch
two white cats with red, blue and green hearts on their ears
24+ Simple DIY Polymer Clay Beads Ideas | Polymer clay crafts, Clay beads, Polymer clay beads
a close up of a snowman wearing a hat and scarf with buttons attached to it
43+ DIY Snowman Ornaments - Guide Patterns