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Cette tenue peut être créer par un expert forgerons contre les ingrédient qu'il demandera.  Qu'elle soit version féminin ou masculin, elle renforce les stats de la classe en X3 de plus, elle augmente toute portée et efficacité de vos sorts.


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Yellow, Fantasy Art, People, Draw, Art, Characters, Trang, Fantasy, Style
a woman with long hair wearing a red cape and holding a flower in her hand
Inspiration, Films, Girl Hairstyles, Cartoon Hair, Character
a woman with blonde hair is standing in front of the camera
Manga, Anime Characters, Cosplay
an anime character with grey hair and ears
a girl with red hair wearing a purple starfish clip on her head and an earring in the shape of a cow's tail
Anime Character Design, Pose
an animated image of a woman's head with purple hair and horns on it
Mononoke MARCH
an anime character with pink hair and cat ears
Cat Fantasy
an anime character with long white hair and blue eyes
Fairy of Crystal Forest
Outfits, Cute Hairstyles, Pink Head, Hair Drawings
Magic Pot
an anime character with pink hair and green eyes
Kaleidoscope Butterfly